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SOFTMAG Sciatic Shield


SOFTMAG Sciatic Shield is a cushion that acts on the energy imbalances of the last two lumbar spinal nerves (L4 and L5) and of the first three sacral spinal nerves (S1, S2 and S3).



SoftMAG Sciatic Shield  can be used in all cases where pain, inflammation, functional and vascular deficit are present, with benefits on bones, joints and muscles. Furthermore, the pathologies that can be treated with the device are:

  • Spinal imbalance;
  • Inflammation of the two lumbar spinal nerves (L4 and L5);
  • Inflammation of the first three sacral spinal nerves (S1, S2 and S3);
  • Relieves inflammation of the lower back, buttock, back of the thigh and feet;
  • Also indicated in the case of breech anomalies as, by improving the sagittal balance of the spine, it will also improve walking (after a posturological examination that will carefully evaluate the health of the foot ).
  • Works on any seat: office, car.

In all these cases, especially in the acute phase, in addition to the SoftMAG Sciatic Shield , we recommend combining the use of Qi Oil MHz + BALANCE .


The brand new sciatica pillow with which it is possible to counteract inflammation of the sciatic nerve as well as other problems present in the lumbar area and in any case in contact with the tissue.


In case of pain, Sit properly on the SoftMAG Sciatic Shield for about 3 hours a day. Used for about 21 days (the time it takes for the Central Nervous System to memorize the new nerve status), it will simultaneously relieve pain. Use it together with Qi Oil MHz + BALANCE to obtain a combined action and greater effectiveness.


  • 1 x Bioenergetic Pillow;
  • 1 x carrying case;
  • 1 x instructions for use;
  • Dimensions : 62cm x 23cm x 1cm
  • Weight : 350gr
  • Adjustable with tear-off system


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