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SoftMAG Posture Corrector ADVANCED PLUS


SOFTMAG Posture Corrector ADVANCED PLUS is a Posture Corrector that acts on energetic imbalances of the thoracic tract (T1 to T12) and lumbar tract (L1-L2-L3), also involving the right and left lumbar muscle areas. As well as providing a mechanical
action, the device is able to restore the natural balance of the magneto-gravitational fields of the entire thoracic and first lumbar tracts.


The technology on which all SoftMAG products are based is that of magnetic fields.

The device contains a “biomagnetic core”, which is produced by subjecting a conductive material to a biophysical process that makes it magnetically and energetically charged and able to absorb magnetic fields from the external environment and convey them directly into the body’s tissues in nano molecules in the form of PLASMA. The fourth state of matter.

Most physical problems arise from an imbalance in cellular magnetic charges, resulting in an imbalance in Ph and tissue frequencies. If the imbalance is due to an excess of positive charges (in most cases this is the case), SoftMAG devices will simply channel the necessary quantity and ‘quality’ of magnetic charges from the environment to balance the excess in the cells and thus ‘dissolve’ the problem. If the imbalance is due to an excess of negative charges, exactly the opposite will happen.

The result will be a restoration of the cell’s magnetic charge to its normal condition, with a consequent restoration of membrane potential and cell frequency.

The cellular rebalancing of the body’s magnetic field can have beneficial effects on the body by stimulating healing.

It can be used in all cases where pain, inflammation, functional and vascular deficits are found, with benefits on bones, joints and muscles.


  • Disequilibrium of the spinal column
  • Lumbar pain or simply (Backache);
  • Shoulder pain due to excessive muscle tension, especially of the trapeziums or problems
  • caused by the thoracic vertebrae.
  • Muscle contracture in the lower back caused by incorrect posture
  • Also indicated in cases of podalic abnormalities, as improving the sagittal balance of the spine
  • will also improve walking. After a posturological examination that will carefully assess the health of the foot.;

In all these cases, especially in the acute phase, in addition to the Postural Corrector ADVANCED PLUS from the SoftMAG line, we recommend the use of Qi Oil BALANCE, the bio-frequency oil with a very high vibrational frequency for restoring frequencies and rebalancing the tissues.

In case of pain, wear the SoftMAG Posture Corrector ADVANCED PLUS correctly directly on your back by tightening all straps and adjusting them to your bust size. Wear the corrector for 3 hours a day.

Worn for about 21 days (time necessary for the Central Nervous System to memorize the correct posture), it will promote the calcification of fractures while relieving pain at the same time. Use it together with Qi Oil BALANCE for a combined action and greater effectiveness.

Scientific studies have shown no side effects following exposure to static magnetic fields of less than 12300 Gauss. However, in view of their blood-thinning effect, exposure to magnetic fields is not recommended for pregnant women, haemophiliacs, high-risk heart patients or pacemaker wearers. As a precaution, magnets should not be applied to the visceral area until two hours after meals. The use of any SoftMAG device on the head for prolonged periods is to be avoided at all costs.

1 x Postural Corrector ADVANCED PLUS
1 x User’s manual
Dimensions: 45cm x 70cm x 1cm
Weight: 350 gr
Closure by adjustable straps



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