Bio Plasma

Ozone For Pool System

100 % chemical free pool

No eye & skin irritation

No hair loss Crystal clear bluish water

Feel like spring water every time

Ozone in swimming pool :

Ozone is the only powerful oxidizing agent for swimming pool. The natural and biodegradable ozone completely reduces the consumption of chlorine. Ozone provides clean, odorless and healthier pool which do not cause red eye skín irritation.

We at Faraday have specially designed and manufactured various series of ozone generators for swimming pools, which are safe, reliable and environmental-friendly.


  • Ozone provides 3000 times more effective results in disinfection compared to chlorine
  • Ozone in water kills bacteria, molds, fungus, spoers and viruses
  • Ozone reduces pool odour and destroys oils & other contamínations to improve the water quality of swimming pool.
  • Ozone leaves no chemical taste or smell, will not cause eye or skin irritation & will not discolour or damage hair or clothing

Our Ozone System – Benefits

  • Module construction
  • Compact design
  • Built-in Oxygen generator
  • Low maintenance system
  • Easy installation & dismantling
  • Automatic operation Inbuilt timer
  • Enhances the pool recovery time
  • Very low power consumption
  • Low capital investment
  • Avoids repeated cleaning
  • Eliminates wear & tear on the swimming pool environment
  • Free technical support from expertise team


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