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New revolutionary test that through the analysis of the hair bulb allows you to know the epigenetic indications for the following factors: muscle, joint and back.

Why take the test?

Scientists today know that genes are largely influenced by the environment, in some cases up to 98% . Recent research shows that the environment in which we live, lifestyle and nutrition – three elements that we can summarize with the term epigenetics – heavily affect our well-being. It is therefore we, beyond the genes, who have to take care of ourselves, changing our behaviors in the right direction, or changing our diet, or integrating where there are deficiencies . It is clear, therefore, that it is really important to carry out epigenetic mapping – a non-invasive test that highlights our nutritional deficiencies and the negative influence of the environment and gives us advice on how to overcome many problems and to understand what is happening in our body.


  • Vitamins, the 15 most common;
  • Minerals, 16;
  • Amino acids, all 23;
  • Antioxidants, the 23 main groups;
  • Essential fatty acids: omega 3,6,9;
  • Viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, parasites;
  • Foods and food additives to avoid and recommended foods;
  • Toxic metals, harmful chemicals 10;
  • diet with 115 foods analyzed and food restrictions;
  • Electromagnetic fields, electrosmog, etc. 8 additives;
  • 115 foods analyzed and consequent food restrictions.


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