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Car Air Disinfection System

Start your journey with Fresh Air

Most of the people invest plenty of time in their car for long commute each day. Regular usage of car, filled with many unseen bacteria, viruses, odour and other contaminants which become more intense if you don’t clean it right away. Faraday features Car Air Disinfection System, which remove all these pollutants from the car and makes your journey better with fresh air.

Faraday’s Car Air Disinfection System

Car Air Disinfection System, an innovative creation of Faraday Ozone which doses activated oxygen to eliminate any kind of bacteria, viruses, odours, germs, airborne pathogens and other contaminants present in the car and makes your journey better with fresh air throughout the day.

It has a display with inbuilt timer and one start switch which is easy to use and convenient to operate, just plug and start the machine that disinfects your car in jiffy using ozone.

Benefits :

  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, odours and micro organisms inside the car
  • Works on activated oxygen technology for an filtration free operation
  • Process of disinfection is completely natural and chemical free
  • No costly filters to replace or maintain thus it is zero maintenance
  • Compact in size – Handheld – Placed it anywhere in the car
Salient Features
  • 360o Purification : Ozone reaches every corner of the car by using speedy fan and circulate it to disinfects the overall car quickly
  • Smart Display : Allows you to select timing from 5 to 60 minutes for the disinfection process and indicates the treatment running time
  • Performs Effectively : Our patented ozone technology generates safe level of ozone to treat the air and decomposes back to oxygen quickly
  • Easy to Move : Handheld holder to move easily and use switch directly to run the machine unless you want to change the treatment
Product Specifications





(L x W x H) mm



Instaclean 50 12 V DC 15 W 400 mg/hr 3 Cars / day 111 x 303 x 200 2.7 Kg
Instaclean 100 12 V DC 18 W 800 mg/hr 10 Cars / day 151 x 353 x 230 4.8 Kg
Instaclean 200 230 V AC 100 W 5000 mg/hr 10 Buses / day 650 x 280 x 385 6.5Kg


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