Bio Plasma

BioActive E-Scarf


Protect, Empower and Improve your health.


The technology based on FIR rays is 100% natural these rays, in fact, consist of a solar spectrum that captures the thermal radiations emitted by our body and then transforms them into energy for our body for the benefit of cells and tissues.

The FIR system of BioActive works in direct contact with our body and intervenes to:

    • Improve blood flow;
    • Strengthen the immune system and metabolism;
    • Quickly recover muscle and joint trauma;
    • Reduce inflammation, swelling and muscle spasms;
    • Stimulate cellular repair and thus accelerate the healing process;
    • Toning the body by promoting the production of antioxidants;
    • Reduce psycho-physical problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depression, stress.

Soft, comfortable to wear and stylish enough as an accessory to any fashion outfit. Multi-purpose infrared therapeutic scarves are ideal for those suffering from cold, muscle tension, arthritis of the neck (cervical spondylosis) or recovering from whiplash . FIR technology does not emit FIR RAYS but reflects those that the human body emits, thanks to the Bioceramics contained in the fabric. This is possible by contact with the body. The FIR system works at the highest levels if used as long as possible, H24.

Do you suffer from stress headaches?

Then you need BioActive E-Scarf to make the most of FIR Technology.


Dimensions: One size 70 ″ Length x 27 ″ Width (180cm x 68cm)
One color : Black
100% BioCeramic fabric
100% Made in Italy
100% Artisan
Soft on the skin


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