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Why do the sufferings never leave us?


What causes imbalances in our bodies?

These questions have always been discussed in the ancient and modern science. Based on the studies at our disposal and the skills acquired we will try to answer these questions.

We have already explained earlier that the atoms that make up the cells of the human organism have a magnetic field and this field generates a frequency, therefore they are sensitive to all the magnetic variations that can suffer from external. When it breaks, inside the atoms, the balance between electrons (charges -) and protons (charges +) starts, the imbalance results in a biochemical response at the tissue level and eventually pathological.

But what are the actual “external” causes that lead to the loss of homeostasis in our body?

We generally try to avoid these causes by adopting a correct lifestyle, proper diet, proper water intake in qualitative and quantitative terms and try to not introduce toxins into our bodies, which is sometimes not enough to be safe and healthy.

You have to know that in our lives the “Earth Magnetic Field” plays a fundamental role. The Earth, based on the variations of its magnetic fields in the atmosphere, alters the health of living organisms.

This is why we always suffer from the same discomforts in certain environments and conditions. How does all this happen? How can we always stay protected and in “harmony” with the Earth’s magnetic field? To answer this question we will have to provide you with some technical notions and we have to start from the information provided by NASA.

It says, between ionosphere and Crust terrestre a difference of magnetic charges is created in the surrounding environment (the one where we live). Such environment presents a frequency that scientists have called Schumann Resonance (named after the German physicist who mathematically measured it for the first time in 1952). Between the ionosphere and the earth’s crust 

3 types of frequencies are generated:
14.1hz and 

Of the above three frequencies, 7.83hz is defined as the Fundamental Frequency, more properly called “Schumann Frequency” and is the main regulator of biological processes of our planet. Life on the planet is supposed to be possible thanks to this frequency. There are many factors that alter the frequency of Schumann on Earth such as the activity of lightning, solar winds, telluric activities and other events that alter the magnetic field of the environment called geopathy (from the Greek “geos” earth and “patos” suffer). When for some reason our organism is in an environment that has a different frequency than Schumann resonance, long exposure to this condition causes imbalance.

It was NASA who confirmed this theory because the first astronauts to travel in space being no longer protected by Schumann’s Resonance and leaving the Earth’s magnetic field noticed that their health condition worsened significantly slow down during their stay in space.

how did NASA solve this problem??

The problem was solved by inserting the “Schumann Simulator” into every spacecraft, a kind of magnetic pulse generator that in the environment recreated the same frequency as Schumann. This proves that we cannot be healthy if we are disconnected from the Earth’s biological Frequency that protects us.

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