Bio Plasma

Bio Plasma

We are a young company that pursues 360° personal care thanks to natural medicine. We aim to have a significant impact on people’s lives and are strongly research-focused. We find new approaches to address today’s health problems with the technologies and remedies that nature offers us.



Bio Plasma directs its research activity with a holistic approach to well-being.

The products and devices we make contain the latest technologies in the field of quantum medicine

Bio plasma

We believe in man, in his ability to intuit, develop,
evolve proposals to improve the quality of life through innovation.

SoftMAG (Ortho Line)

Wide range of Plasma Bio-frequency devices which act on the energy imbalances often responsible for musculoskeletal disorders.

BioActive Line (Nilit Innergy - High performance fibers)

Nilit Innergy is a polyamide (PA) 6.6 microfiber with integrated FIR properties. What does it offer? Invigorates and energizes the body.

Life Pen (Portable Plasma Generator)

Life Pen is a generator of magnetic fields that acts on the energy imbalances that generate physical problems of sciatica, muscle and joint pain.

ActiveBlast (Wearable Vitamins)

B12 ActiveBlast offers an innovative way to take vitamins in the form of real patches.

Elfy Derm (Wellness & Beauty Line)

Elfy Derm is an organic and artisan cosmetics brand that offers a range of face, body and hair care products formulated from the best of nature.

Cleanwaves Line (CEM Protection Line)

Wide range of clothing and accessories, useful to protect you and your family from the growing sources of electromagnetic pollution (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, home automation systems, etc.) and from the potential risks that derive from them.

ATTENTION: We point out that science at present does not recognize as scientific some concepts that we express on this site. Furthermore, the contents are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure ailments or diseases. All information is not intended as a solution to replace the advice and opinions of doctors or other professionals and is not intended to encourage users to replace any medicinal product / treatment. Our products, except those specifically indicated as such, are not medical devices, they do not work directly for the treatment of diseases, they are treatments to improve personal energy. Any beneficial effects and results obtained are to be considered indirect thanks to the improvements resulting from the use of our technology. 


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